The Death of Split Screen?

How long has it been since you saw a game released with split screen co-operative or versus gameplay? A month? A year? Longer?

My husband and I have been finding it harder and harder to find games that have co-operative split screen.  Most games now come with online multiplayer, covering the expanse of the internet rather than the sofa.

I can remember playing games like Mario 3 on my Nintendo Entertainment System many moons ago. It was single player and I found my own way to play with my cousins, we called it levels and lives. If you completed the level or died the controller was passed to the next person and so we played weekend after weekend.

The first split screen I can remember was Goldeneye on my neighbours N64. The graphics were terrible, but the fact that four of us could play at once was fantastic and we loved it! That, for me, was the dawn of split screen and it was a great thing. I played co-op split screen with friends and more recently with my husband. We have played Mario, Resident Evil 5 & 6 and Lego Marvel Heroes to name a few.
golden eye

And now with the next gen consoles being released the graphics and dynamics of gameplay have increased more than I thought they would have when I first started gaming way back when. But along with this awesome advance in games so have come to the fore the online multiplayer and diminishing are the split screen. COD, most notably, was one of the biggest online multiplayer when it began on consoles and WoW was and probably still is the biggest on the PC.

So where has split screen gone? I am struggling to find games that utilise this version of co-op play. The last game I played with split screen was Resident Evil 6 and I loved that game! It was great to play the game with my Husband, otherwise we just sit and watch each other playing our latest game.

I know that split screen can cause lag and degradation in graphics, but with these amazing next gen consoles that can pull off such beautiful and realistic graphics and gameplay, surely there is a way that the games industry can resurrect split screen for future games. Otherwise I’m going to have to buy another TV and PS4.

Tell me what you think about the lack of split screen titles for consoles? Do you miss it?

I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. Have you seen the TVs that can display the screens separately to each player similar to how 3D can be displayed with two separate images? You need to wear special glasses for it sure but it seems to be a viable solution to a fullscreen for each player in the room.

    • Thank you for your response. I own one of these TVs, due to issues reading subtitles and a love of gaming and films. And though they are great for sharing split screen, the amount of games to play on it is, sadly, dwindling.

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